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Site design / construction

My charge for the construction and design of your website will be dependent upon the amount of content you wish to include in your site.  For pricing purposes I typically regard a page as an A4 sized print out.

Your web page may include as many images or as much content as you wish, subject to the size mentioned above. Your site may also include forms, email links, rotating pictures and/or gallery at no extra charge you simply pay for the page they are inserted in.

Size of Website Single fee
1 page £180
2 pages £255
3 pages £330
4 pages £405
5 pages £480

Please do feel free to call for a price for sites exceeding 5 pages.  All enquiries to Cheryl 01206 864481 or send an email to cheryl@colchesterwebdesign.com .

Additional Charges

Web Hosting

For a website to be available to view on the world wide web it needs to be held on a computer especially adapted to allow access by internet users. I have used the same professional web host provider since my business was established in 2004. My charge for hosting is £5 per month payable every month from the date your website goes online.

Web Address (domain)

All websites do require a web address which I can purchase for you, on your behalf. The charge for these will vary according to the web address extension you require. Please see my list below

.co.uk£24 for 2 years
.com£34 for two years

If you have already purchased your web address you will simply need to update the address to point to your website. If you would prefer for me to update this for you my charge to arrange the transfer is £20.

web address ownership

Any web address purchased by me on your behalf will be registered in your name and will remain your property should you cease trading with Colchester Web Design.

Writing website content

The importance of good content must not be under estimated. I apply 4 basic rules to writing content...

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The basics of websites

Domains names, hosting, search engine submission & more...

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